Coach Joe Wins the Coaches Home Run Derby!

Updated Monday April 23, 2018 by Donnie Snyder.

April 21st, Saint Petersburg FL,

Coach Joe Castagner put on a show at the Coaches Home Run Derby Saturday by smacking a record TEN home runs out of field 4!!! When asked how he managed such a feat, Joe gave credit to his BP pitcher and former High School teamate, AJ Bozenhard. Bozenhard contributed seven home runs of his own, but it wasn't enough. Fellow Dixie alum Kevin D'Amico hit two home runs, bringing the Dixie boys home run total to 19. The furthest hit of the day came off the WOOD BAT of Coach Carlos Rosado. An unoffical measurement after the derby had his ball traveling 469 feet !!! Coach Chris Garris amazingly managed seven home runs as well. When asked the highlight of his day, Joe said, "It was nice to come out here, have some fun, and hit a few dingers in front of my son and my daughter and my team, but I'm just glad I didn't lose to Coach Donnie. That guy's a Legend".