Northwest Steps Up Big at Hit-A-Thon !!!

Updated Friday April 21, 2017 by Donnie Snyder.

The NW Hit-A-Thon Fundraiser was a HUGE success! The winners from each division were:


1) Team Hervey for Pre-Tee Ball who raised $1,380.00

2) Team Rembe for Tee-Ball who raised $1,880.01 setting a new NW record!

3) Team Miller for Baseball who raised $1,520.00

4) Team Castagner for Softball who raised $1,645.00


The top three fundraisers were:


1) Jameson Nielsen who raised $930.00

2) Jonathan Anderson who raised $906.00

3) Karter Gainer who raised $760.00


Also equally exciting were the teams that had 100% participation! Those teams were Team Ingram, Team Camden, Team Biddle, Team Groen, Team Ike Smith, Team Hartigan, Team Lenz, Team Banning, Team Castagner, and Team Snyder.


The Coaches Home Run Derby was a success. The winner of the Derby was The Legend, Coach Donnie Snyder. 


Thank you to all who participated to make this a great day for NW!