Updated Monday January 11, 2016 by Donnie Snyder.


Northwest plays with Non-Competitive and Competitive teams in the Spring season. Tryouts are held prior to the season to determine the best placement for each player. Fall season is considered instructional and has only one division in each group.


The following non-competitive leagues follow Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth rules, with some modifications enhancing the instructional focus of the league:

Pre-Tee Ball (3-4 year olds): This is a fun, instructional league for both boys and girls. Emphasis is on learning the skills and rules of baseball while having a good time. Players participate in one or two games per week, and no score is kept. Safety is stressed, and a softer ball is used. Please see our FAQ section for more information on Pre-tee and the equipment needed. If this is your first time considering our league for your child and you have any questions, please email Donnie Snyder.

T-Ball (5-6 year olds): Winning and losing are secondary to teaching young kids about baseball. In the first half of the season, kids hit off of a tee. In the second half of the season, coaches pitch to the kids. A softer ball is used, and safety is paramount. Tee ball is also for boys and girls.

8U Non-competitive (7-8 year olds): This is the next step after T-Ball. Cal Ripken Rules require the use of a pitching machine. This is the first season that a baseball is used and we keep score to teach the players good sportmanship whether they win or lose the game.

10U Non-competitive (9-10 year olds): This is the first season that the players pitch.

12U Non-competitive (11-12 year olds): Leading and stealing is allowed.

15U Non-competitive (13-15 year olds)


The competitive leagues are for players with advanced skills. All teams play with a 12-player roster. Players are guaranteed to play for 6 outs on defense and get at least one turn at bat in each game. Score is kept in all divisions, and official umpires call the games.  The first place team in each division at the end of the season plays in at least one post-season tournament. Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth Baseball rules are followed. Tryouts are held in this division prior to the season and a draft is done to form the teams. 


Cal Ripken Rookie is ages 7-8

Cal Ripken Minor is ages 9-10

Cal Ripken Major is ages 11-12

Babe Ruth Baseball is ages 13-15