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Spring 2015 Registration

Spring 2015 Season Important Dates

Tryout Schedule please click

Tryout's Jan 10, 2015 or Jan 17, 2015 must attend at least 1 to play Comp.

Draft's for Softball and Competitive Baseball on Jan 24, 2015

Draft's for Non Competitive including Pre Tee and Tee Ball on Jan 31, 2015

NWYBB & SB Golf Tournament Feb 15, 2015 at Mangrove Bay Golf Course please click for more info.

Opening Day Feb 21, 2015 and lets pray for good weather.

We are still looking for Sponsor for the Second Annual Golf Tournament and teams to play in the tournament for more info please click here.

Family's Sports Authority wanted to extend another great opportunity for your players. We have partnered with Ripken Baseball and are offering a Free Baseball Clinic on January 17th at Ed Radice Sports Complex. There will be two sessions. If you could throw this on your site and facebook that would be great! I have attached the logo to use for the baseball camp info. Please click link below


Sports Authority 20% Off Entire Purchase coupon 

please click above for coupon needs to be printed


When you register, please remember:

When registering please enter all of your family’s and player’s information so our records are completely updated.

 Players are assigned to divisions based on league rules regarding age. 

Interested in volunteering?  If you have a child playing in NWYBBSB, you can sign up when you register your child.  If you do not have a child playing in NWYBBSB, click here to sign up.

Their is a $15.00 dollar coaches fee this year because we have had to change the way we run backgrounds. The coaches do not have to pay the $25.00 fee. Any coach that is already certified or checked by there employer and can get a copy of the paperwork showing it was done will not need to pay for the background check.


NWYBBSB volunteer board are dependent on parents to register their children in a timely fashion in order to set team rosters, order uniforms and create schedules. Late registrations by parents are the primary cause of delays in setting teams and publishing schedules. To encourage timely registration, NWYBBSB has a two tiered registration schedule:

This season Pre Tee will have a choice of a $15.00 dollar or a case of 20 oz Gatorades from Sams Club as there Registration Fee.

There will be a one time $10.00 fee added for the replacement of the baseroom building behind the concession stand. This fee will prevent several fundraiser that would have to be done in the spring season becuase the city is making the league replace the building but they are doing the work.

1st Tier (Standard) Registration is from Dec 01, 2014 through Jan, 22, 2015.   

2nd Tier (Late) Registration is from Jan 23, 2015 to Jan 31, 2015 or until divison is full, with registration fees consisting of the basic fee + $20 late fee.

All families that register will also enjoy a special family rate - $15 off the registration fee for each additional child when registering more than one family member. 

There is a mandatory $25.00 fee at registration and it will be returned upon completing mandatory volunteer hours with the park not including opening or closing day just concession duty. This is a fee per child with a max of $50.00. 


1st Tier Registration Opening

Dec 01, 2014 to Jan 22, 2015

2nd Tier late Registration

Jan 23, 2014 to

Jan 31, 2015 or until divison are full




Pre Tee Ball

Ages 3-4

Basic Fee 

Gatorade or $15.00

Basic Fee 
Gatorade or $15.00


T Ball

Ages 5-6

Basic Fee  
$75+25=$100.00 Basic Fee & late Fee  

$15 off each additional child

when registering more than one


Ages 7-16

Basic Fee & building fee  
$105+10+25=$140.00 Basic Fee & late Fee  

$15 off each additional child

when registering more than one


Ages 7-14

Basic Fee & building fee  $105+10+25=$140.00 Basic Fee & late Fee  $105+10+25+20=$160.00

$15 off each additional child

when registering more than one


We also wanted to explain to our families the chain to follow when you have issues, comments, or even compliments. There is a list of League Directors on the Northwest Website. Please go to the League Director in your division first. If you go to that individual and still need help, please then go to your VP of Baseball

​Mario Rodriquez​
 or your VP of Softball Ron Bruhn. If you still need help after these two steps, then please go to the Northwest President Rob Gerdes.

Please remember that our Board Members have children playing too. Our children want us to focus on them as much as your children want you to focus on them. If you see a Board Member trying to enjoy their child's game, please refrain from approaching them about park issues during their "Family Time" unless it is an extreme emergency. If it's not, we ask that you respect their time and wait until after their child's game to approach them about Board Issues. We thank you in advance for understanding.

Thank you for choosing Northwest and Enjoy your

 Spring Season!

Thanks to our Sponsor!
We want to thank our sponsors for the many years of continued support!
Northwest Youth Baseball and Softball is a non-profit organization that is run solely by volunteers. We do not receive any funding from the city and rely strictly on the donations we receive from our sponsors. Our sponsor’s donations allow us to operate our park, make necessary purchases, such as new equipment and uniforms and finance other expenses, including park maintenance. In addition, our sponsor’s generosity allows us to maintain affordable registration cost making our park available to many.Become a Sponsor!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please view our sponsorship agreement form and sponsor package menu flyer below. For additional information or assistance submitting your sponsorship agreement form please email Theresa Sims or contact our league Treasurer,Theresa Sims at 727-459-0575. We offer variety of tax deductible sponsorship packages and are able to create any size or structure custom package upon your request.

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A copy of your child’s Birth Certificate & valid City of St. Petersburg Recreation Card is required to register. Cards are available at any city recreation office. Two forms of I.D. showing proof of residency are required.